Financial Planning
Financial Planning
Financial planning is about taking charge and managing your finances to ensure your financial well-being.
It may be helpful to view financial planning as comprising six different areas:
managing your cashflow for your needs today and also to meet future goals like your retirement or your children's education;
managing you and your family's exposure to unforeseen events like pre-mature death, illness or disability;
investment planning to meet your financial goals;
planning for your retirement;
planning your taxes efficiently; and
planning the transfer of your estate to the people and causes you care about
Financial planning involves three key steps:
1.Identifying your immediate (short term) and longer term needs (like getting health insurance; paying for your household expenses) and goals (like saving for a home or for your retirement)
2.Knowing what resources you have to meet these needs and achieve your goals (like your income, the savings you have or financial assistance)
3.Managing the resources, e.g. using a budget and having a plan for your savings and investments to help you reach your goals. There is a range of financial products to choose from to help you with your needs and goals. Choose something suitable for you.
Get started or update your financial plan today by reviewing the three steps:Setting goals, assessing your Financial situation and managing your resources.
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